Email Hosting Services

We provide you with free email services as part of our website hosting, and internet starter packages. These provide you with a secure, flexible and reliable way to send and receive emails. Our email service provides the following facilities.

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Service Details

Hosting Price Duration
Per Hosting Account£100 (+VAT)1 Year

Email Forwarding

Email forwarding refers to the re-sending of an email message delivered to one email address on to a different email address. Email forwarding can also redirect mail going to one address to several other email addresses. Vice versa, email items going to several different addresses can be forwarded to a single email address.

Secure Email

To ensure your mail is kept safe, secure and private we support privacy protocols. The protocols we support are TLS and SSS. Alongside secure protocol's we provide you with personalized spam filters and anti-virus protection to make sure you only get the email you want and that is safe for you to open.